Attacked by a Monkey: What would you do if you were?

Attacked by a monkey: the tale

Yesterday lunchtime a monkey attempted to attack us. Well,  to say ‘attacked by a monkey’ is rather extreme; more fitting might be, a ‘showdown’ with them as they were caught doing something they shouldn’t… Here’s the video it’s really funny, slowed down it shows their tactical movements- instinct in action… on both sides.

I’d had an extremely productive morning buying exquisite Rajasthani vintage sari bedspreads, and handmade block printed Kantha quilts. (They are super gorgeous, I’ll try to bring some down for the retreats in Kerala if I can). I also had a go at block-printing fabric myself, which was brilliant fun.

The next appointment was with the printer designing the deck of inspirational ‘Happy Cards’ (thank you for all the great feedback on those). All in all, it was completely rewarding morning.


Lunchtime, Mano and I arrived back to the room, as I walked up the stairs, and I saw a huge pile of torn up tissue paper strewn all over the table and a tipped over chair. Then I spotted two monkeys. In a flash, they decided to stand their ground and challenge us. All of this took about 5 seconds but felt more like 5 minutes.

Learnings from the locals

These Rhesus Macaque red-bottom monkeys can be quite aggressive and tend to roam the streets in gangs raiding the homes of the people here in Jaipur. They don’t seem to inhabit South India; I haven’t seen them there, they seem to specialise in the North.

At the moment, they turn up daily here in Jaipur, and I have been photographing them from our balcony, especially the young babies of which, there are many. As they approach I watch the locals throw stones and pick up sticks
shouting at them and I have been getting rather annoyed with this as I’m trying to get ‘the shot’ and they keep moving to dodge the stones, I also think it’s cruel. I now have more understanding and healthy regard as to why.
My learning from this experience: Stand your ground when you need to. Don’t judge what you haven’t experienced. Move out the way and let instinct run the show!

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