Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee

living root bridges

They are made from the Indian rubber tree called Ficus Elastica. This tree thrives amongst rivers and streams and can perch its roots on the top of boulders or plant them deep into the riverbed, shooting out secondary roots as they go. The Khasi tribe discovered the flexible power of these trees hundreds of years ago and has left living …

India: The perfect place for a Spiritual Journey

Ladakh meditation in India

This video captures some very special moments I had on my travels; meeting the Dalai Lama, bumping into a wild festival that caused me to miss a train, Shivatri Festival on the Holy ghats Pushkar, monkey stealing the last bit of bread whilst spotting tigers… And so much more. Dreams in action. This video captures some very special moments I …

What can we learn from an Elephant?

elephant in Jaipur Rajasthan

Since our arrival in India it’s been extremely trying preparing for the Walk your Talk retreats in Kerala. We have had to deal with the torment of swaying coconut trees, the constant lapping of waves and the never ending splashing of dolphins! So we’ve headed to Rajasthan to do some work. We have been in Jaipur a couple of weeks …

Magic Show: Mantra for the Day


Magic We are continuously creating; by having awareness and raising our level of consciousness we have the power to bring into our lives meaningful and authentic gifts. This is the magic of life waiting to happen with infinite possibilities and potential… Excerpt from Alchemy for life by Vanessa j Tucker

Juice Fasting increased my Spiritual Energy

Juice Fasting Vanessa

When was the last time you leapt out of bed with a massive smile feeling youthful and alert with an astonishing amount of energy? My experience of juice fasting has provided me with all of these benefits including a bonus weight loss of 10 pounds in one week. Upon returning home from six months in India I have been feeling …

Spiritual Juice Fast: Top 10 Tips

Spiritual juice fasting

Prepare your mind for a spiritual juice fast: Adopt the intent to cleanse, let go of the heaviness that is no longer serving you and nourish yourself. Plan your time: Provide the space for you to delve into your experience of the spiritual juice fast. It’s not helpful if you have lots of parties and weddings approaching. Instead use your …

Take a moment to play: ‘Seriousness breeds sickness’

monkey play

Take a moment to play I have to laugh, here I am sitting in my room and feeling more than slightly overwhelmed by newsletters, blog posts, social media and book proposals… I then hear some banging outside my room, (a good distraction from all the hard work I am doing, sitting staring at a computer screen!) I take a look. …

Re-writing the fairytale

squirrel fairytale

I thought I would use this space for a reflection of the past year. My poor, sporadic blog has been neglected for many reasons- ironically because I find myself writing, writing and writing some more. From website content to social media posts; academic articles to storytelling, my life now asks me to master the pen in many forms. Amazingly, I …

Reflections: “First time India?”


I find my memory wondering to the time I first touched the soil of India. This was where I ended up fulfilling the old cliché and found myself! (Or perhaps more accurately, listened, re-discovered and took a good look). This country was unlike anything I had experienced before and yet, I felt as though I had arrived home. My eager …

Reflections on cruelty: I am cruel what about you?


I am cruel-What about you? What part are you denying? Today I reflect on a part of me that I discovered I have been denying. The Cruel Part. I fucking hate cruelty. Its energy terrifies me and I am fearful of my own cruel energy. As a child I even devised a  ‘non-deserving’ character to make allowances for cruelty so …