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The Art of You book by vanessa tucker
The Art of You book by Vanessa Tucker

The Art of You
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You are a masterpiece – an unfolding work of art, beautiful in the moment and growing every day.

 The Art of You: A Guide to Shaping Your Unique Place in the Beautiful Mosaic of Life invites you to answer your call; it presents the perception-shifting vision that both you and your life are creative acts and shows you how to see the exquisite masterpiece you came here to be.

“Intelligently-written and timely, this book is filled with practical psycho-spiritual techniques and teachings, many of them grounded in the powerful roots of ancient wisdom traditions.”
Christa Mackinnon, Psychologist, Therapist and Author of Shamanism & Spirituality in Therapeutic Practice

Vanessa Tucker harnesses the alchemy of her therapeutic and spiritual practise, her intuitive gift as a teacher, and her dark and illuminating personal experiences, and distils them into tools you can use to rediscover yourself.

Packed with narrative paintings, inspiring stories, and practical exercises she presents five innovative ways of looking at yourself and guides you through an empowering creation process that enable you to: step into your feminine wisdom, connect with your cosmic power and reclaim your beauty, leading you into an empowering space of love and wholeness.

Are you ready to answer your creative calling?

“Vanessa’s intuitive wisdom and enlightening insights act as creative catalysts for us all. You are left inspired to create an authentic and ‘artful’ life.
Jamie Catto, Artist & Author of Insanely Gifted

Available in bookshops from 26th July 2019.