What can we learn from an Elephant?

elephant in Jaipur Rajasthan

An elephant guru: Champa

Since our arrival in India it’s been extremely trying preparing for the Walk your Talk retreats in Kerala. We have had to deal with the torment of swaying coconut trees, the constant lapping of waves and the never ending splashing of dolphins! So we’ve headed to Rajasthan to do some work.

We have been in Jaipur a couple of weeks now, writing a book, designing some new pieces for the jewellery collection, editing photographs ready for print and building a new website. And amongst all this I have had a birthday. So I thought I would treat myself by spending the day washing and feeding elephants and what a treat it was. We can learn a lot from elephants.

Lessons from an elephant

1. Did you know that elephants swish their tail, flap their ears and swing their trunks when they are happy? They simply and effortlessly move their bodies to keep the happy energy flowing.
2. Elephants like to gaze into your eyes. When I arrived I had to spend quite a bit of time just gazing with Champa ,the elephant I was to be spending the day with. It’s an incredibly intimate experience, and we inevitably built trust. She had immense power and could have crushed me at any moment. I felt small, helpless and completely vulnerable next to her 6800 pound body yet, totally surrendered to her. There was a moment in my time of vulnerability that I felt a flicker of choice; I could move away from her and disconnect to feel more physically safe. Or I could go deeper into that thrilling space of uncertainty. By going there, I was truly humbled. Her sensitivity, strength, perceptiveness and depth made me feel loved. It was magical.

Being reminded to move, to make the choice to go to that space of uncertainty. To enjoy the thrill, and that life is full of magical moments is a real support, especially when the routine and workload are heavy, and we spend more time with the computer than with our lover.

If you would like to move your happiness around your body with some Chi Gong and yoga, feel the thrill of uncertainty and dive deeper into intimacy, you can join us for January’s retreat or February 14th-21st 2015 retreat. Of course, you will have to put up with lapping waves, swaying palm trees and those pesky jumping dolphins!

We also have a real treat for January’s Walk your Talk retreat with special guest Christa Mackinnon Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Author and Shamanic Practitioner who will be sharing her expertise with us uniting the psycho-spiritual approach to life. Find out more details here and to book your space for January go here.

If you want to know more about the retreats I run you can download the brochure here.

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