Juice Fasting increased my Spiritual Energy

Juice Fasting Vanessa

How Juice fasting increased my spiritual energy with the added bonus of weight loss: 10 pounds in one week

When was the last time you leapt out of bed with a massive smile feeling youthful and alert with an astonishing amount of energy? My experience of juice fasting has provided me with all of these benefits including a bonus weight loss of 10 pounds in one week.

Upon returning home from six months in India I have been feeling out of sorts, the adjustment period has been challenging. The change in my diet, daily routine, the climate and my energy state has left me feeling heavy, sluggish, lethargic and low. Not to mention the writing, book proposal and workshop planning.

“I had been moving too fast and was out of alignment, it was time to focus my attention on me. So, I decided to partake in my own Walk your Talk retreat at home and experienced the bonus weight loss of 10 pounds in the process!”


Alongside the usual yoga, meditation, and reiki, I thought I would try a juice detox fast to cleanse my whole system and reboot my physical body. Eating or more accurately drinking only fresh vegetables and fruit has hugely amplified my connection with nature. The spiritual benefits of juice fasting are incredible I feel super clean and light and able to receive and flow a greater amount of energy, I feel high, clean, happy and full of freedom.


See my top ten tips for spiritual juice fasting and read about the spiritual and physical benefits here.

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