Little Love Pendant


925 Silver – 925 silver chain included
Handmade in Rajasthan
Walk Your Talk Experience Design
“Live fearlessly from your heart” collection

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The little Love pendant has a big effect. It asks you to show up to life. Wear it as a daily reminder to live in the moment, listen to yourself and trust in your choices. It brings clarity with understanding your own needs and emotions clearly providing compassion in every step. Hold the intent to see your magnificence in all of you and take the pleasure from your life.

From our “Live fearlessly from your heart” Collection.

Our “Live Fearlessly from your Heart” collection is designed to support you in living love and loving life and acts as as a daily reminder of your magnificence.

Little Love Pendant

This is a unique and playful sterling silver pendant, with silver chain. In total the necklace and pendant is 10  inch in length.
The little love pendant has a flat polished side on the reverse.
The two silver feet placed together symbolise us Walking our Talk and living fearlessly from the heart, this in turn creates the yogic figure in the centre of the pendant bringing us balance, harmony and peace. The overall shape is also designed as a butterfly to remind us we have the power to transform our own lives.

The pendant is activated with reiki energy and radiates the power of the peace from its core increasing compassion and power over your own life and choices.
This all-encompassing piece brings balance, supporting your heart and mind to work harmoniously. When we ‘walk our talk’ and live from the heart we catch the flow of life and balance is brought into all aspects of our life as the the yogi figure in the centre of the pendant reflects.

Each of our pieces are hand made by a local artist in Rajasthan, India, with responsible and fairtrade materials.

Energy infused heart pendant
4.5 to 5  grams sterling silver
This pendant is made using 925 Silver
925 silver chain included