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I thought I would use this space for a reflection of the past year. My poor, sporadic blog has been neglected for many reasons- ironically because I find myself writing, writing and writing some more. From website content to social media posts; academic articles to storytelling, my life now asks me to master the pen in many forms.

Last year, I was designing and writing a new course ‘The Walk your Talk Experience’ and designing the initial Walk your Talk retreats. It’s been a cathartic and eventful ride with massive teachings and rewards; compelling me to walk the tightrope of creativity and live the life I teach. Recently, I finished rewriting the Walk your Talk Experience interactive guide ‘Alchemy for life’, which is being printed in Jaipur as I write, I’m really excited I can’t wait to see it and hold it in my hands…
I had certainly not anticipated adopting the world of a writer. Sure, the job of a teacher entails devising courses, writing schemes of work and scripts for performance and I have been familiar with that for years, yet this is different somehow, I am writing my life.

Amazingly, I now find myself writing a book of spiritual fairy tales. Enquiring into the social, cultural and spiritual illusions of life. The structure of the fairy tale came to me for many reasons. Firstly through personal experience: I was under the illusion that I should be living a particular fairy-tale and when that ‘fairy-tale’ didn’t work out as expected, life’s shattered dreams took me on a spiritual journey of transcendence, transformation and wonder. I was meant to marry Prince Charming and live happily ever after, waiting to be rescued I was one of those unconscious characters who had to climb into her own hair and have a good look.

 Just like the protagonists in the tales, I transformed ‘my’ disturbing events into personal and spiritual development through a quest. Although, I wasn’t aware I was actually on one at the time. India was to be the setting for my magic and enchantment. As you can imagine, to find myself back here, eight years later, running retreats and writing a book of fairy tales in the land of the Gods where everything is possible, is mind-blowingly inspirational.

India is one huge looking glass reflecting inspiration and magic; I’ve taken myself to Rajasthan the land of Peacocks, palaces and the fairytale city of Udaipur. I’ve seen crystal four-poster beds and I’m writing this from a ranch where I eat breakfast from an old cooking pot surrounded by horses, birds tweeting and there are even squirrels running over the old table. All that remains is for me to find my voice!

horses rajasthan

Every time I sit there I think of Snow White… I hasten to add this definitely isn’t a Disney life I’ve been leading, there’s a huge dose of the Nightmarish Grimm’s tucked away; especially when the financial beast raises its ugly head. Or is that all in my mind? Either way, I personally always found Grimm’s Tales more exhilarating.

Secondly, from the angle of the writer, the guise of the fairytale offers total freedom and allows my imagination limitless boundaries. Symbolism, magic and metaphor ooze from its structural bones. Time and space can effortlessly move at any pace and I can speak uncomfortable truths without exposing myself literally. It’s also perfect for the spiritual, psychological and personal content I’m enquiring into, wrapping them neatly in universal experience. Full of stereotypes and symbol, it’s ripe for play and subversion. It conjures the roots of time where ordinary folk share in stories of loss, hope, and love.

There is also tremendous power in the fairy tale, after all it unconsciously shaped my life choices.  We all love a ‘happily ever after’ and from my experience that takes daily practise to achieve. It also takes daily action to write, write and write… the discipline can be torturous, all I can do is follow the crumbs and believe in once upon a time.

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