Take a moment to play: ‘Seriousness breeds sickness’

monkey play

Take a moment to play

I have to laugh, here I am sitting in my room and feeling more than slightly overwhelmed by newsletters, blog posts, social media and book proposals…

I then hear some banging outside my room, (a good distraction from all the hard work I am doing, sitting staring at a computer screen!) I take a look. As I opened the door to investigate I found glorious sunshine, birds jamming and two baby monkeys having the time of their lives playing with a serviette.

I went in to grab my camera and got a couple of excellent shots with them modelling it on their heads and hiding underneath it, until my camera decided to tell me there was no card!

By the time I’d found a card, they had jumped down to the garden and were playing with anything they could get their hands on and spinning on the grass. I’ve included a few shots of play for you.

Why am I telling you this?

Lately life have been inviting me to play and I keep forgetting to bring that into every part of my life. I have recently finished the February Walk your Talk retreat, which had a huge emphasis on play this year with amazing people.

Yet, I am not bringing the attitude of play to where I need it most- to the mundane tasks, which will inevitably make them more fun!

Nature is consistently reminding me to take the time to play. It’s pretty obvious really, with a descended spring upon us; baby lambs are jumping (or monkeys if you are in India), the birds are singing, the waves crashing about without a care… it’s staring me in the face.

In order to grow and learn I need to play and I urge you to do the same. A few minutes out of my blocked, unproductive schedule made me smile, laugh, lifted my spirit and freed me from the heavy, blocked energy I was wallowing in. I am left feeling inspired and productive and able to grow. And even more than that, I’m savouring the sweet moment called life.

Consequently, I now have something to write about and have completed my newsletter, email and blog post! Play = productivity! As Osho says, “seriousness is sickness”. I whole-heartedly recommend joining me in a productive day of play.

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