Spiritual Juice Fast: Top 10 Tips

Spiritual juice fasting

Top 10 Tips for a Spiritual Juice fast

1. Get prepared for your spiritual juice fast

Prepare your mind for a spiritual juice fast: Adopt the intent to cleanse, let go of the heaviness that is no longer serving you and nourish yourself.

Plan your time: Provide the space for you to delve into your experience of the spiritual juice fast. It’s not helpful if you have lots of parties and weddings approaching. Instead use your spiritual juice fast as a retreat and bask in the quiet time choose to listen to your needs. Before embarking on the spiritual juice fast I treated myself to a wonderful hot stew of veggies and meat. It helped me to mentally start, kind of underlining my last full meal for a while.

Prepare your body:

  • Eat lightly a few days before you start the spiritual juice fast.
  • Switch to lighter foods: salads and raw vegetables are perfect.
  • Buy in the organic (if possible) vegetables and fruit in advance.
  • Gradually move to two juices a day with a light evening meal and when you feel ready, start the spiritual juice detox drinking only freshly juiced fruit and vegetables for seven days.

2. Drink as much juice as you need for a spiritual and physical cleanse

I felt satisfied with two medium sized glasses of juice for each meal per day. You can find great juicing recipes at juicerecipes.com

3. Listen to yourself:

Spiritual juice fasting teaches you about your relationship with food and how you use it for social, emotional and relaxation purposes. How you numb and comfort with food using it a a sustitute to fill the void.

4. Journal your spiritual juice fast journey daily

Develop awareness and notice your patterns, what are you feeling you need to protect yourself from? When you read back over your journal you will gain great clarity and insight into your behaviour, thoughts and emotions.

5. Meditate through the tough times

Days 1-3 of the spiritual juice fast were the hardest for me. Through this detoxing stage emotions were releasing like fireworks and I experienced sporadic spells of fatigue. I wasn’t pleasant to be around and didn’t enjoy my own company at all! Meditation detaches you from this energy state, calms the body and mind and shifts your perspective. It also helps to build self-discipline.

6. Observe the feelings and let them go

They are arising as part of the healing journey. I felt lethargic, irritable angry, anxious and sad. These range of emotions are part of the natural process of a spiritual juice fast. Your body and mind are detoxing; emptying the overflowing rubbish bin inside, it may stink a little!

7. Understand what happens to your body on a spiritual  juice fast

In the first stages of a spiritual juice fast the body uses the food from your previous meals stored in your digestive tract. After about three days you will stop feeling hungry, your digestive tract is clear and your body can move onto to cleaning up your liver. At this time on your spiritual juice fast you may feel emotional and angry, it’s important to stay mindful and aware. Remember to observe, feel the feelings and let go. Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are ‘super tools’ when drinking your ‘super foods’ as is journaling your seven day spiritual juice fast journey. Physically, headaches, stomach discomfort and aches and pains may arise. This is very temporary, bring in the yoga and stretch the body gently and reiki both your emotional and physical body. Observe your judgement and watch it dissolve.

8. Drink plenty of rehydrating water and visualise

On my seven day spiritual juice fast I would visualise all the physical, spiritual and emotional toxins being flushed out of me as I drank. I also do this whilst drinking my juice, I imagine all the nutrients flooding into my blood stream and kissing my cells with goodness. The benefits of visualisation really support the healing process and your belief system surrounding food.

9. Create

A spiritual juice fast can leave you feeling tired and flaky. Do something creative, which requires little left-brain work. I found it hard to focus on writing and so decided to paint instead. Whether you choose to paint, plant, sculpt or sing, tapping into this creative energy lifts your spirits and will put you in touch with the strength of your heart. Something you will need when dealing with the physical discomfort. Having said that, for me the discomfort lasted for only the first few days of the spiritual juice fast.

10 Enjoy and receive the benefits of a spiritual juice fast whilst they are happening. Here are some I experienced and still am…

  • Heightened awareness
  • Subconscious mindless habits, addictions and internal pain are highlighted, dealt with and released.
  • Weight loss inevitably takes place on a spiritual juice fast 10 pounds in my case. This leaves you feeling energetically and physically lighter, deepening the relationship with your body. It’s a great opportunity to kick start a healthy eating diet and form more beneficial healthy eating habits.
  • Cravings for sugar and salt stopped
  • Hugely increased energy (the kind you feel as a child)
  • Builds trust in yourself to develop self discipline, resilience and hear your needs.
  • Floating on a spiritual high
  • Energy balance and alignment: Alert, calm yet leaping out of bed singing and dancing!
  • Nurture, nourish and care for yourself. A spiritual juice fast asks you to care for yourself.
  • Spiritual juice fasting is really rewarding, enjoy the youthful, spiritual high that comes with it and embrace your true nature.

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