The Art of YOU


Welcome to The Art of You. This is a space for you to reclaim your beauty, discover your potential, and share it with the world. Here you can learn the skills and techniques to uncover your authentic self and create the life you love. Simply Walk Your Talk, live your dreams, and let them lead the way.

The Art of You book Vanessa Tucker

The Art of You Book

The Art of You invites you to answer your call; it presents the perception-shifting vision that both you and your life are creative acts and shows you how to see the exquisite masterpiece you came here to be.

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alchemy healing

Alchemy Healing

Alchemy Healing is sunshine for your soul. Discover Alchemy Medicine, ignite your divine spark, and uncover your gold.
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walk your talk

Walk Your Talk

The Walk Your Talk Retreats, workshops, and courses, are designed to support you in creating the life you love. If you want to fall in love with life again, restart your career, or develop your healing abilities you’ve come to the right place.

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Trust your stirring heart, you’ll see it is guiding you to rise up and take your place.

Let’s get started…

How do you start to uncover the Art of You ?

Walk Your Talk.

Uncover your gold. Start by creating a vision of yourself that you fall truly, madly, deeply, in love with.

Here’s how…

Alchemy for life Vanessa j Tucker

Retreats, Workshops and Courses


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Walk Your Talk

I was exhausted, confused and felt I was sleep walking through life – now I am far more content and appreciative and I have a spring in my step; I know who I am, what I am, and what I would like to achieve.

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Vanessa works magic! I came away feeling lighter, focused and joyful. My illness has virtually disappeared, I have found my purpose and am ready to take the next step.


Alchemy Healing


Bohemian Routes Shop

Bohemian Routes inspires beauty and harmony. An eclectic bazaar of exquisite designs and finds from the depths of tribal India; including vintage bedspreads, jewellery, crystals, intention cards and healing objects to make your heart sing. Vanessa both designs and collects beautiful objects with the intention to delight the singing heart.

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Shop Happy Cards

The Happy cards box contains 49 inspirational messages for a daily dose of happiness. Each Happy Card combines a unique inspirational energy. The magic of the moment captured in each photograph, marries an intuitive message. Providing you with a simple way of tapping into your inner guidance.

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