Kayaking in India – Kerala – Backwater and Dolphin spotting

Kayaking in India – Kerala

We’ve been lucky to be able to do some kayaking in India at our stay at Chera Rocks Beach House.
Being part of the retreats here, Walk your Talk Retreats, we had an extra day to go to the backwaters of Kannur and spend most of the day on the water.

We went off for a short drive from Thottada and joined up with the organisers by a bridge. Off we were on the water free to explore the calm of the river. Small arms of the river spread out ready for us to explore their hidden sides. Birds, fish jumping in the kayak, friendly chats with each other, secrets backwater view were all part of this enjoyable outdoor day. We finished with a sunset on the way back.

Dolphin spotting

Also right at Chera Rocks we’ve been going out in the mornings when the water was really calm which is pretty much every morning from October to March at least. Our two person kayak was perfect on the still water. We glided effortlessly on the silky water, going at our own speed, stopping to enjoy the view of the two white sandy beaches. Further away, past the rocks, the extreme calm made us feel like we were releasing stress. No demands or anything to do, just being here a little bit at sea, the stillness, the beauty, everything was just at it should be! It was very easy to accept the moment.

The bonus was to come across some dolphins! They were pairs coming up to the surface as they do regularly for breathing. After a while we realised that they were mother and baby and that they were at least three mother dolphins with their little ones ,and some on their own which were probably males. We spend 45 minutes with them. Some times there were a curious one who came up close to take a look at us. It was a wonderful morning, very uplifting as it always is when seeing dolphins.

A great experience kayaking in India, it comes highly recommended!

This is one of our friends other experience of kayaking at Chera Rock Beach House.

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